Welcome on Harpeole's website, flute and harp duet. Marion Ralincourt and Lucie Marical met in November 2005 to play the Mozart Concerto. Since then, they kept working together and gave many concerts in France and Europe.

Harpeole commits itself to make people rediscover the flute and harp music, too often quartered in the romantic period and in the image, it is necessary to admit it, sometimes old-fashioned. The interpreters want to widen this program by transcriptions, to play unexpected pieces to the public. They are regularly digging into the baroque scores to arrange pieces by themselves, so Harpéole can enrich a repertoire which is appropriate for the duet. Besides, because of their fancy for contemporary music, Marion and Lucie are trying their best to include it in their programs to make the public discover this music. Clear and short explanations help the auditors to enjoy the concert at best.

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